An experiment with raw diet

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For the past week or so I have been experimenting with a raw diet. I say experimenting because 1) I have a lot to learn and 2) I haven’t been 100% raw, though I’d say I’ve been close to 90-95%. I am doing this because I have read a lot about the potential benefits of eating raw, including increased energy, more vivid dreams, less sleep, increased healing, and of course detox.

I have already learned quite a bit, and trust me, it’s not all about a salad and fruit. Though that’s what a lot of it has been, but my options are already expanding and I have learned to make a few tasty treats that would rival a regular processed sugar desert in taste. Also, I will say that I don’t want to continue this 100%, mostly because variety is the spice of life and I also enjoy indulging in things that are not good for me like drinking and happy hour. Though I will say I will incorporate many of the things I am learning into my regular diet, whatever that becomes. (Yes I know, beer doesn’t exactly match a healthy raw diet, though I still believe a positive change is a positive change, regardless. I may not get all the benefits of a raw diet if I still have vices, but it for sure still beats most people.)

Another reason I don’t want to stay 100% dedicated to this is that I don’t believe it is inherently wrong to eat meat. I believe that humans evolved eating many things, of which meat is one of them. That said, I do believe that the meat most people eat which comes from cows that are corn fed and beefed up with hormones and antibiotics is crap and a raw diet would beat that any day. But I am not ruling out eating chicken, turkey, beef, or other meats that are naturally and sustainably raised. In fact though I have always loved cheese, I would probably choose meat over cheese, since I believe meat is more natural for us than animal milk. Get redirected here to the foods, which are beneficial for your healthy smile.

It has been a little over a week since I started, and it has not been too difficult. The worst things are the outside temptations, including lunch at work. Thus far I have not had any extreme food cravings, but this is probably because I was already a decent eater prior to this, staying away from processed foods and high sugar treats. I had a headache for a few days, though I would attribute this to giving up my morning coffee, and I did have some pretty extreme body aches for a couple days. My sleep hasn’t really changed, nor have my dreams intensified. I do seem to have a bit more energy, but nothing very noticeable, it’s mostly when I’m at work, I don’t get the urge to doze off anymore.

I have been mostly raw now for a little over a week, and have not had meat or dairy for 5 days. I do think when I ease back into a more “typical” diet I will probably keep a lot of these habits, and I will probably replace cheese with goat or sheep cheese, and possibly raw cheese if it’s economically viable.

There is no denying the fact that we are what we eat, so healthy food definitely means better health. I know that teeth are effected by nutrition a lot, so when you visit the dentist for something like dentures, you can talk this over with your doctor. If you are struggling to find a professional dentist, contact West Cobb Dentistry in Kennesaw GA.

What else? I guess that’s about it. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or some good food ideas?

Oh I went to Blissfull Food in San Diego [note: it’s now closed] last night and it was really good. There was a portobella walnut pate that was awesome (and could have passed for meatloaf), a great “sushi” roll, some spring wraps, and then sorbets, truffles, and live chocolates for desert!

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  1. You’re so right, Raw Vegan food is not just about salads and fruit (although I do love those – haha).
    Congrats on your journey with it.

    You’re right: it’s not necessary to be 100% Raw Vegan to reap some amazing health benefits. Even if people start making just some of the great dishes available – a little bit here, a little bit there – it all goes a long way to helping people feel better, gain energy, fight disease, and lose weight.

    You mentioned beer – haha – well, wine is considered Raw 🙂 YAY!


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