Cowles Mountain to Pyles Peak, Mission Trails, San Diego

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Mission Trails Regional Park
6 miles

I walked just about 6 miles today. From my car to the peak of Cowles Mountain is 1.5 miles, then from there to Pyles Peak is 1.25 miles. It was a nice day, sunny and clear, about 75 degrees. The first part of the hike is pretty strenuous. Not difficult, but it's a pretty continuous incline the whole way up, so if you're not in good shape you'd probably get tired. But it's not that far, so it's not bad.

During the hike I had a "first" experience. I saw my first real live in person rattlesnake. It was really fat and about 3 feet long. I came upon it in the trail, it wasn't coiled and I didn't hear it rattle, instead it was just taking it's time moving off the trail. So I stepped back, let it go about its business, and took a few pictures.

Rattlesnake encounter on trail between Cowles Mtn and Pyles PeakRattlesnake encounter on trail between Cowles Mtn and Pyles Peak
Wildflowers, Mission Trails ParkWildflowers, Mission Trails Park
Wildflowers up close, Mission Trails ParkWildflowers up close, Mission Trails Park
Trail View to Pyles PeakTrail View to Pyles Peak

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