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Experimenting with a Vegan diet

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I wrote about a year ago about my adventures with a raw diet. It lasted about a month, which was just fine with me since it was experimental, not like the Keto bhb tablets I take about which you can read more on these keto bhb reviews. But in the process I did learn a lot about food, especially about how you can find plenty of food that is raw, not meat, and IS NOT SALAD. I point that out because this comes as quite a shock to some people. Yes, there is plenty out there to eat that is vegan and raw.

I won’t go into the benefits of eating raw, that is a topic for another day. Today’s post is to say that I’m at the diet experiments again, though not raw this time. This time it’s more of a wholesome, sustainable and mostly vegan. I say mostly […]

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Some accomplishments … and things still to be done

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
Mount Whitney Summit

Mt Whitney Summit — August 2008

There are days when I feel accomplished, and there are days when I feel down. Sometimes life seems to get a little boring, and the days begin to pass in the blink of an eye. So I’ve decided to write this post in an effort to keep myself inspired and to remind myself not to let my life get too boring as I quickly approach my 31st year. There are some things that I’ve accomplished that I can look back upon to remind myself that I am living, and there things I want to do to make sure I keep living. On days when life gets frustrating and starts to seem pretty boring, I remind myself of these things that I’ve done and can continue to be proud of. And along […]

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Day Hike of Mt Whitney – Highest Mountain in United States

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Interested in my How to Hike Mt Whitney in One Day eBook?

Well, at around 14,500 feet, Mt Whitney is not technically the highest mountain in the United States, however it is the highest in the lower 48 states. If you have browsed this site at all, you will have seen on my inspiration page I say that “nothing helps your inspiration more than getting outside, breathing some fresh air, planting your feet firmly on the ground, and being amazed by nature.” As an avid hiker who has now climbed Mt Whitney, I can certainly attest to that.

I want to share with you my experience of successfully day hiking Mount Whitney about a month ago. It was an amazing and exhausting experience, and the scenery was breathtaking and certainly inspiring. The entire hike was around 22 miles with an overall elevation gain of over 6000 feet, and […]

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