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I feel like lately I haven’t been writing as much, and when I have been it’s been sort of off topic. (I went back to some of my archives and I feel like my writing has changed, not for the worse, but the recent posts have been a bit superficial.) But I do intend to get back on track here shortly. Around the New Year I was out of the country, and then I had a month or two consumed with my migration from Blogger to WordPress, and in typical fashion, I got caught up quite a bit in the details, and even making some cosmetic changes to the site which I’m happy with, but where probably unnecessary.

Then more recently I’ve had some of my attention diverted with trying to network a bit. After a year or two of writing for just myself and few people, I realized that if I want to get any sort of real audience (no offense to the few of you who’ve been loyal followers 🙂 ) I’d need to step it up in the networking department. I’ve been a bit more active on Twitter, and just recently (sort of hesitantly) started a page on Facebook, though I now suspect Facebook may be more helpful than Twitter. Twitter seems to be easier to connect with people, but it also seems to be a bit of a more narcissistic crowd, people who follow just to get followers, and who just ramble a stream of consciousness with no real intention of visiting me or my website. But who knows, I may change my mind again. But now that I’ve created my Facebook page I think it may be helpful … if I can attract a loyal crowd there. I’ve also been a bit more proactive about commenting on other similar blogs, where as before I used to just read and go on my way.

As I mentioned, I’ve been at this site with differing amounts of intensity over the past year or two, and about six months ago I realized that if I want to monetize it, I need something more than articles and introspective posts. I realized that my career won’t be made as a blogger. So I’ve been working on an eCommerce portion of the site as well, and it’s taking longer than I hoped (probably my detail oriented side kicking in, making me do extra work), but I do plan on bringing that online soon. And with that I’ll need to start marketing it agressively, so that will take up some time.

But I do plan to get back to writing about the core things that this site is about: sustainability, health, travel, getting outside, and adventure.

Even though I’ve been I’ve been catching up on my writing (two Thailand posts, last year’s Mammoth trip), I still have a lot of catch up writing to do (my 400 mile cycling trip, the rest of my Thailand trip) and have a few new articles I want to write as well (diet related, the economy, career burnout).

Oh yea, and that work thing I’ve got going on every day too.

How about you? Are you staying on track? And also, thanks for reading. I appreciate having you along with me.

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