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One Hundred Pushups – The Challenge

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

A while back I had heard of a web site called one hundred pushups. The site is really just a 6 week program designed to get anyone to a point where they can do 100 consecutive push ups. Right away I was interested, and my immediate thought was “There’s no way I can do this! But I’d sure like to try!” I started the program immediately and made it one week, and then fizzled out.

Fast forward about a year, and once again this one hundred pushup challenge has been brought into my world via the wonderful world of Twitter. So naturally, when I was reminded of it, I knew it was a sign that I should start up again, and get ready to knock out 100 pushups.

Since the program is designed for everyone, beginners to advanced, you take an initial test and pending those results, it tells you […]

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