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As The World Turns

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

The world is a crazy place.

Right now North Africa and parts of the Middle East seem poised to explode. Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia — all undergoing revolutions where the people are calling for change. For many people in these areas there are no luxuries, they are fighting for their freedoms.

Further south on the continent of Africa, crisis seems to be the norm. Civil wars seem to be waging in one country or another fairly regularly, and once in a while the Western media cares enough to show something about it. Recently on my mind are blood diamonds and child soldiers, though from what I have come to understand the “blood diamond” issue in Sierra Leone has been handled to an extent. As I understand it, the mining continues, but the miners are paid wages, meager though they are likely to be. I am not certain of […]

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