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Stoned Wallabies Make Crop Circles

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Do I need to say more? Follow the link for the story. Thanks for another laugh Wend Magazine!

Stoned Wallabies Make Crop Circles

Being too busy and how to unwind in 24 hours

Saturday, June 27th, 2009
Life moves too fast

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Sometimes life just gets too busy. Work, eat, bills, sleep, exercise, relax (for a moment) work, run errands. It just seems to go on and on. Even for someone like me who tries to keep their life simple, it doesn’t always work. When I am home I seem to keep myself too busy, and fall behind on all the things I want to do. Making an hour to just sit with a book never seems to happen, no matter how little is on my plate.

Quite honestly, as my girlfriend has correctly pointed out to me, I think a lot of my time disappears into the Internets. Keeping up with my RSS feeds, following Tweeters, checking the news, the weather, brainstorming ideas for my website, following links that follow links… You get […]

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How to eat local – local eating resources

Friday, June 26th, 2009
local organic produce

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…By only eating foods produced in their community, region or country, adherents, known as locavores, aim to reduce pollution and support ethical farming practices.

With more and more people defecting from supermarket to farmer’s market, a number of websites have appeared to help users find local food in their own communities…

Here are some great resources about local eating:

Thanks to Matador Life for this info, See the full article here

Sustainable craft brewing and organic beer

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Photo credit: cizauskas

I grew up in the Northeast, where there were a lot of microbreweries, so I got past drinking Bud and Coors pretty early on. Since I’ve been with my girlfriend who used to work at one of the best beer pubs in San Diego, I’ve been introduced to even better beer. I’ve since learned two things about San Diego that I didn’t know before. 1) It is home to one of the biggest craft beer markets in the country and 2) it is well known for producing some of the hoppiest beers in the country. My college days were spent in breweries back east, and now almost ten years later I have gotten my second schooling on beer; not in breweries but in brew pubs, and have been introduced to some of the tastiest beers that not only […]

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An inspirational quote for today – Scott Stoll

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Falling Uphillby Scott Stoll

For the last two months or so I have slowly been reading my way through Scott Stoll’s book, Falling Uphill. It is quite an enjoyable and inspirational book, and the fact that’s it’s been taking me so long to read it actually bodes well for the book, ironically enough. I find that if I am enjoying a book, I tend to take it slow because I am not ready to be done with it. The exception to this rule is for novels that end each chapter with a cliffhanger, in those cases I have been known to sit and read for hours.

In Scott’s book, there is plenty of substance, and quite a bit that gets you thinking about life. I particularly enjoyed the following quote of his, […]

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Day trip to Gibraltar from Spain

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
View of Rock of Gibraltar from Spain

View of Rock of Gibraltar from Spain

After a relaxing two days in Tarifa, (well mostly relaxing, with the exception of my day trip to Tangier), I had one last day and night before an early morning flight out of Málaga. All along I had really been hoping to make it to Gibraltar, but I wasn’t sure how it would work out. But of course as so often happens in travel, everything fell into place perfectly for me to make the run over into Gibraltar on my way out.

I woke up early and caught one of the first buses out of Tarifa. I am writing this a while after the trip, if I recall I think I took the wrong bus. The idea was to catch a bus going direct to La Linea de la Concepcion, but I’m […]

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Long Walks and Inspiration

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

A few weeks ago I came across this video on YouTube, which I’ve posted below. It’s a video made by a guy named Christoph Rehage from Germany who had the goal to walk from Beijing to Germany. From the looks of his blog, The Longest Way, it looks like currently he is not walking, but is at university. Also, it doesn’t appear that he has completed the entire trip just yet, but walking over 4000KM is quite a feat none the less.

Here on Idealist Cafe I would like to start profiling inspirational blogs and websites, so if you have one or know of one, feel post in the comments or email me. I would love to hear about any journeys or adventures that are outside of the box and are inspirational. They don’t have to necessarily be about pushing physical limits, as I am also […]

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