Sustainable craft brewing and organic beer

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I grew up in the Northeast, where there were a lot of microbreweries, so I got past drinking Bud and Coors pretty early on. Since I’ve been with my girlfriend who used to work at one of the best beer pubs in San Diego, I’ve been introduced to even better beer. I’ve since learned two things about San Diego that I didn’t know before. 1) It is home to one of the biggest craft beer markets in the country and 2) it is well known for producing some of the hoppiest beers in the country. My college days were spent in breweries back east, and now almost ten years later I have gotten my second schooling on beer; not in breweries but in brew pubs, and have been introduced to some of the tastiest beers that not only San Diego, but the entire West Coast, has to offer.

Being environmentally minded though, the one thing I noticed was that options for organic craft beers, or at least beers produced with organic hops, was limited. But now thanks to a very informative write up by Wend Magazine, I have learned a lot more about craft brewing, and most interestingly, how more often than not craft brewing can be inherently sustainable due to its very nature, even if it is not certified organic. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t like to see more organic brews out there, but supporting local and small businesses that in turn also buy and support local is better than the alternatives.

Check out the full Wend Mag article about sustainable, craft brewing here

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