“Que Calor?” Graffiti, Córdoba, Spain

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Here is yet another installment to my album of graffiti photos. This one was taken in Córdoba, Spain during my trip in October 2008. I found this on either Calle San Fernando or Calle San Feria, I’m not sure which, as I was walking from my room at the nearby Hostal Maestre. I’m not sure if the art is referring to global warming or what, but regardless, I thought it was interesting and the fact that it made me think was nice too.

Córdoba was a lovely city, and I would highly recommend a visit there. The Hostal Maestre is also recommended, it’s a little further from the city center, but that gives ample opportunity to get lost in the maze of streets. It’s also right around the corner from a proper hostel which has cheap internet access. Enjoy!

“Que Calor?” – Graffiti, Córdoba, Spain
Que Calor, Graffiti, Cordoba, Spain

“Que Calor?” – Graffiti, Córdoba, Spain

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