Cancer to be world’s top killer by 2010

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I saw this article in the news today about rising cancer rates, and I can’t tell you how much it frustrates me to see these headlines over and over. I am no medical doctor, but I have strong beliefs and also have done plenty of reading, and I know that all these articles and studies about cancer are missing the boat. They all talk about cancer detection, smoking, and even the fact that cancer rates are rising simply because there are more people in the world. But all fail to mention any connection between cancer rates and the state of our environment and our modern diet.

People fail to realize that the SAD (standard american diet) can play just as much a role in getting cancer as smoking, drinking, or other more obvious risky behaviors. And also people fail to see the link between cancer and all the pollutants and toxic chemicals that we come into contact with on a daily basis. Too much trust is put into what everyone else is doing and what “experts” tell us. People seem to forget in the face of all these articles that as we as a society get more “modernized” all these health issues seem to increase as well. There are places in the world where cancer is all but unknown, where people live long and healthy lives, and there are also places in the world that have a lot of wealth, medical access, “modern” foods and technologies yet have some of the highest rates of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

People who think that the prevention of cancer is an impossibility should note the following articles:

I realize that these are just two specific cases, but there are plenty more out there if you only look. That said, I do realize that sometimes cancer may just not be able to be prevented or beaten. But I have seen enough to show that there are ways to significantly reduce the chances of getting cancer. Most of what people eat on a daily basis is loaded with junk that was never meant to be in our bodies, and though we may not see any changes or negative effects of it, you can be sure that over time those things are significantly impacting cellular health. Same goes for all the products that we use on a daily basis, from cosmetics to electronics to cleaning products.

Some day the medical community will wake up to the fact that our bodies are capable of amazing things on their own, and that not everything can be fixed or cured with modern technologies and drugs.

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