Meat – to eat or not?

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I follow Tina over at Think Simple Now, and the other day she posted a rather interesting (and detailed) article about meat eating and vegetarianism, titled eating our way to death literally. It even evoked enough passion for me to comment! In short, my belief is that as a whole we all eat too much meat, and being vegan or vegetarian is noble and something I’ve always been interested in. However I believe we have evolved as meat eaters, but the true problem is modern society and commercial agriculture. I think eating free range artificial growth hormone free meat in moderation is a good thing, and also I believe that we all need to eat more vegetables — organic veggies. We don’t need artificial hormones in our meat, nor do be we need synthetic chemicals on our vegetables.

This? or This?
organic vegetables
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grilled steak
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Also, there is enough research out there to prove that our modern diets are indeed killing us. Heart disease, cancer, obesity, the list goes on, can all be either prevented, cured, or at least minimized with a proper natural diet.

My comment was:

I am a meat eater, however I consider myself a socially responsible meat eater. In the past years I have significantly cut back on how much meat and dairy I eat (and also gone vegetarian on and off), and have also tried to be more responsible about what I do bring into my home. Meaning organic dairy, and free range and artificial growth hormone free meats. A lot of why I actually still eat meat and dairy at all is convenience. Sometimes it is just hard to find what I want, and sometimes I am just bad and indulge. But regardless, I agree 100% with this topic, modern diets are killing us. Sure, we will all die some time of something, but that doesn’t change the fact that we put things in our bodies that were never intended to be in there. I am actually very interested in raw diets as well, as I have read numerous accounts of people beating diseases and cancers simply by going “raw”. Just giving our bodies what they naturally need.

What are your thoughts on meat eating or vegetarian/veganism?

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