I didn’t attend the World Domination Summit, but I should have.

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I had heard about the World Domination Summit that Chris Guillebeau and Co. were putting on many months back, but sort of just dismissed it.

In case you happen to be unfamiliar with Chris or the WDS, let me explain before I continue. The tagline for event, which just happens to be the coolest and most thought provoking description for an event that I’ve ever heard, is this:

In the face of overwhelming pressure to conform, how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

As if you need to know more after reading that, here’s more from the WDS site:

The World Domination Summit is no ordinary event. It’s not a retreat and it’s not a business mixer. And most of all, it’s definitely not a convention. It’s an unconvention. The summit takes place in an art museum, a park, an independent bookstore, and all over the unconventional city of Portland. You’ll dine from food carts, just like the Oregon Pioneers once did. You’ll visit pubs and craft shops, hang out at the best coffee shops in the Pacific Northwest, and spend time thinking about unconventional approaches to life, work, and travel.

Most importantly, you’ll engage with like-minded people who are interested in pursuing big goals while changing the world. Speakers and workshop leaders will merge inspirational stories with practical info, showing how they’ve crafted their own adventures and helping you build yours.

How can you travel the world? How can you start a small business? How can you build a legacy project? The World Domination Summit is a gathering of incredible people from all over the world designed to answer these questions and more.

So now you’re probably wondering why after reading about this I didn’t go directly to the site and purchase a ticket. Even though just reading this (and following a whole slew of other amazing people online) is enough to get me pumped up to take my life by the reigns and make things happen, I guess part of me felt that I wouldn’t be talented and unconventional enough to attend something that would be loaded with all these amazing people. Sure, I run this site and dream amazing dreams, but I don’t have a huge readership like some of the others, and I haven’t found my place yet. I knew the event would be loaded with amazing people, but I guess I just didn’t think my story would stack up. I mean, I’m still struggling to live my life on my terms, and after all am still trying to break free of the day job!

But after following the action this weekend live on Twitter, though I still have some doubt, the more confident half of me feels that attending in 2012 is exactly what I need, to be surrounded with so many amazing, talented, unconventional people, and that maybe this can help be my springboard into my life.

So enough blabber, read it for yourself! Here are some of the fanatastic write ups I’ve read from people who attended the event this past weekend. Not only am I doing this to share with those who are reading, but getting this written down serves to motivate me as well.

Enjoy! (And I’ll update with more as I read them…)

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11 Responses to “I didn’t attend the World Domination Summit, but I should have.”

  1. Edger says:

    You should definitely go next year! I don’t blog, run a business or have any followers other than friends on twitter, but I do live life on my terms, take 2 to 6 month career breaks to travel and aspire to live an even more remarkable life, so I went. And what I found were all types of people…some like me, some like you, some internet famous, some not so internet famous, but all amazing, open, inspiring people. And turns out, even if you think you aren’t inspiring to someone else, you just might be.

    • Russ says:

      Sounds like you’re living well, definitely something to aspire to! Also, thanks for the positive feedback. I already signed up for the early notify list for next year’s event. Do you have a public Twitter?

  2. Farnoosh says:

    Russ, next year! You know, it is an accident sometimes why we end up some places and not others. I have no doubt you will be making it to the even when you are completely ready for it. Portland on the other hand is as fantastic place for a visit and I am returning sooner than later, WDS or not :)!
    PS: Thanks for the link love!

    • Russ says:

      Ironically I will actually be in Portland in two weeks. I have never been but have been wanting to move there (for many reasons) for the past 5 years. I know I will fall in love with it, for many reasons. But for now I am in San Diego, which is not a bad place to be “stuck”. The weather and my girlfriend’s family is what keeps us here for now! Looking forward to digging into your site a bit more!

  3. Gutsy Writer says:

    Hi Russ,

    I almost canceled my WDS ticket thinking that I would be too “old” with no other middle-aged people and I was so wrong. I also met Farnoosh there which was great. I should have signed up early for next year but didn’t. Can you tell me where you put your name on the list for the pre-registration please. Thanks,


  4. This really makes me happy. I also didn’t attend, but I am excited by all the buzz that people are now having. Its hard to realize that the online world has a lot of connected and dialed in people that have a lot of excitement and passion because we are the crazy ones in the real world. Basically I am just saying its good to have that network. Going in person would be even greater, though not necessary.

    • Russ says:

      Yea, I agree. There are probably a bunch of people like us who didn’t go who came off that weekend just as motivated. To support your point further, it seemed that quite a few of the people who attended already “knew” each other from online (twitter, blogs, etc), so in many cases the connections were already made. Meeting at WDS just served to solidify that network and those connections, and to make the people real life friends instead of online friends. And obviously getting everyone in one place really generated the buzz and excitement that everyone is picking up on.

  5. I didn’t go. Despite the buzz, I don’t think I will ever go. I’m just fine the way things are going right now. That’s how I think, though. Some people greatly benefit from being there, as you probably will. My two cents. 🙂

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