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My life has changed quite a bit recently, but I’m really loving it. Don’t worry, nothing wrong with my personal life, however there’s been a big change in my working life. The end result is that I am still employed with the same company, but now get to work from home full time.

The company I work for has had quite a turbulent history. I was one of the first employees to come on board, and we grew quickly, too quickly. First We moved offices and had a nice office downtown with a great view. But within a year, it was decided that we outgrew our our lovely office, and so we moved again. This time to another downtown office with another great view, but now we had the entire floor. Problem is, around the same time, we stopped growing. Oh yea, and the economy took a crap. So over the course of the following two years, we downsized, and are now just a tad bigger than when I started with the company.

And of course that left us with no need for a large downtown office. I’m not exactly sure what happened, or the course of financial events, but ultimately with less than a week’s notice we were informed that we’d be leaving the office, to work from home. As a computer guy, this works out great for me, as I had already been equipped to work from home and had been doing so on a semi-regular basis for the past few years. But as far as the company is concerned, I’m not so sure what the outlook is.

I’m not certain when or how this will all come to an end, but for now I’m really enjoying the flexibility of working from home and getting to mostly be my own boss while I try to figure out what my next move should be. I know that at this point it won’t last forever, and I feel fairly certain that “the ship is sinking,” but at the moment it is about all I can ask for while I try to focus on creating my own income streams on the side and contemplate the future.

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