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I have been thinking a lot about my life lately. About things like abundance, positive thinking, manifesting desires, and living the life I want. I am by nature a person without a lot of certainty, I am always double thinking, over thinking, second guessing, and oddly I know a lot about what I don’t want but not a lot about what I do want.

Just recently I read this post by Steve Pavlina and it made me realize, even though I am great at dreaming and I want a lot out of life, I am not a great manifester. Which subsequently got me into an email conversation with a friend of mine who is currently in the process of manifesting the perfect life for herself.

It started with me writing an email, asking her if she thought I am inadvertantly manifesting scarcity in my life because of what I believe and my values. I have strong feelings about consumerism and over consumption, and I don’t think money buys happiness. (I do believe that security can help happiness though.) So my question to her was, being that I don’t think material abundance is necessory nor is it something I am interested in, does that mean that am I putting myself into a mindset of scarcity? Monetarily and materially I am quite happy with what I have, but I got to thinking if these feelings of contentment were in turn creating contentment in other areas where I may be lacking. And finally I was curious her thoughts on what I could do do align my beliefs and desires with a state of mind which would manifest abundance in other areas of my life, not necessarily relating to finances.

And of course, she had some very good feedback for me.

To address my question about financial abundance and being content, she made some good points that I had been thinking about. That it’s not about overconsuming, but rather having enough/plenty of money, and having things you want that were made with care and that will last. And I suppose that if money is what it takes to do the things I want, regardless of whether it is a lot or a little, then that means having abundance. And a great way of looking at it, she said that if she chooses to shop at a thrift store, it’s not about being cheap, it is about the treasures that can be uncovered. That it’s about the ability to find the best things for her (or anyone), without needing to think about the price tag.

She told me that she visualizes her life being abundant. And suggested a gratitude journal, saying it helped her. Each morning she would write down 6 amazing things, things really crazy amazing to align herself with what she wanted to manifest. Then, before bed, she would write down 5 things that were positive and abundant things about the day to remind herself that she is already happy with the life that she is living.

The things she told me were all very positive and I am going to try to integrate some of them into my life starting today. We will see over the next few weeks if visualing happiness, success, and abudance can help me make some changes in my life.

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