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Barefoot - Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand – Photo credit Apidya

The running, and more specifically the barefoot running, hasn’t been going as quickly as I would like. I am still nursing a sore calf, so any progress is limited as I can only comfortably run 2-3 days per week, and only for 20-30 minutes at a time.

Also, I have been lagging in getting to the store to get a pair of water socks to start running in. I read water socks are actually great minimalist running shoes, which around here I really need since barefoot is hardly an option, unless I make it down to the beach. (There isn’t a whole lot of soft grass in San Diego.) The theory behind the water socks is that they provide a fair amount of protection against objects on the ground, but don’t provide any real support and don’t encourage heel striking, which is what would be avoided going barefoot.

Yesterday morning though, I got in a nice 5-10 minute barefoot run and it felt great! After my 20 minute run which was split between concrete sidewalks and a short canyon trail near my house, I went down to the ball field at the Rec Center, and did a few laps around the field. The best part was that I did a couple sprints, and I have never felt better or lighter sprinting! (Though my conditioning leaves a little to be desired)

Near the end of the barefoot session, I did notice the pads of my feet were beginning to get sore, which is good I suppose. This means I am on my way to toughening them up. And now, about 36 hours later, I do have some soreness in my arches and calves, but have come to understand this is a normal symptom when you first go out without the support of shoes. Hopefully I can continue this training, get my feet to strenghten up, and maybe by the time they are ready to go 20-30 minutes I will have a pair of water socks that I can use.

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