San Diego and California, you puzzle me

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Please tell me Oh City of San Diego, it’s no secret that you have been having financial problems, so why are you redoing the sidewalks in my neighborhood that were just fine, with private contractors, of all things?

As we know, there were last fall’s budget cuts, there is the pension crisis, and there are potholes so big that they are damaging cars, so why has the sidewalk on every corner of my neighborhood been dug up when there were no apparent problems. I jog the neighborhood several times per week and with a few exceptions have seen no breaks in the sidewalk or any real reason they weren’t good enough.

What it looks like is that each corner is being replaced with a handicap accessible ramp. So ok, I get it, but still it doesn’t seem to me enough to warrant the time and resources of hiring a private company to do this work. And I’m sorry, but for any wheelchairs that need to get up on the sidewalk, there is a driveway at least every 20 feet, so is it really necessary to put a ramp on every corner? In lieu of all the budget cuts and layoffs, I would think there are many other more pressing issues that could make use of this money. And why not use city workers that are on the payroll instead of hiring outside contractors to do the work?

Perhaps this is something that was approved years ago, or maybe it’s cheaper to contract it than to use city workers? Beats me.

San Diego and California, just let it be noted that you’re not winning any supporters. Without your great weather you would be lost.

Originally posted on Thursday, July 9th, 2009 at 8:36 AM .

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