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It’s getting to be that time of the year again where the holidays are rapidly approaching and the though of gift giving is looming. Typically my family goes small on the gifts, just a little something for each person, but nothing extravagant. We are a simple family, and we don’t really need anything. So, I have decided that this year I am going to attempt to do some charitable gift giving, and rather than give a material gift, I am going to donate in the recipient’s name instead. But I want to match the donation to something meaningful. So my girlfriend who loves animals may get a donation to the Humane Society in her name, my mom may get a letter stating that she helped provide two families with seeds to cultivate a family garden or that she gave a family an Earth Basket with bees, honey, and seedlings. Has anyone done this before? Do you have any charity suggestions?

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  1. Grace says:

    Now I’m convinced that you are truly a good person. 🙂

    I’ve asked for people to give me donations in lieu of gifts every year, but nobody ever takes me seriously. This year, my boyfriend gave me a UNICEF donation and it was honestly the Christmas gift I most cherished. I am already so materially blessed in my life, it makes me happier to help people that truly need it… especially during these times when charities are plagued with decreased donations and (grr) Ponzi schemes.

    Justgive.org and NetworkForGood.org has gift cards where people can donate to their choice of thousands. I wanted to do this myself for my coworkers this year, but my cash flow became a little tight all of a sudden.

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