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Today I had the pleasant surprise of stumbling upon a flower delivery company that specializes in organic and sustainable flower bouquets. I will admit that I am not a huge fan of commercialized holidays such as Valentine’s Day, however when it comes down to it I still do these silly things that you’re supposed to do when you are in a loving relationship. So needless to say, as I was browsing Google to see what my options were for the big day, I saw this site, Organic Bouquets, which stuck out when surrounded by the others; FTD, 1800flowers, and ProFlowers.

Knowing quite a bit about the organic market, I assumed that these flowers would be pricier than the other sites, however I was proven wrong. The selection was just as good, and when it came to prices and shipping they were very competitive.

Also, it appears as they are the real deal. They are organic, eco-friendly, and socially responsible, all the way from the flowers and growing methods to the packaging to their offerings of carbon offsets. I even saw that some of the flowers are grown right here in California, and others are certified Fair Trade.

To be quite honest I was going to go with whatever company could offer me the best deal, but when the price matching came down the less than $1, with all the environmental and sustainable perks of this company, they won me as a customer. I realize the best way to go is to go local, and support local business, but on a holiday like Valentine’s I really just want to go with convenience, and this saves me from tracking down a local farm or florist farm can provide the same organic flowers for the same price with close to the same convenience.

Take a look at the company to learn more.

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