Sustainable and renewable energy

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Let me know your thoughts on renewable and sustainable energy. In your city do you have the option of purchasing sustainable energy? Last time I checked, here in San Diego we do not. I know that my mom, who lives in Connecticut, pays an extra $5 per month to have her energy allocated from renewable resources. If I could find that program here, I would gladly do it. I get my electricity from SDGE, and I can’t find any other provider, nor the option to pay for alternative options. I suppose there is the possibility to pay to offset the carbon, though I’d rather just pay to have my energy generated cleanly.

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  1. Dr.John says:

    I think we need little windmills that generate electricty and that every politicain and preacher should have to have one in front when they blow out the hot air.The President’s state of the Union speach could probably light a city as could Hillary’s response.

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