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Diet overload, healthy choices, and which label fits?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Health and diet has been something I’ve been reading a lot about lately. I don’t mean diet as it pertains to losing weight, I am talking about diet as it pertains to lifestyle and being healthy. Until recently I have for the most part always eaten the Standard American Diet (SAD). While I knew there wasn’t something quite right about it, I never really sorted it out until now. And then I found the best indoor bike trainer, which helped me for quickly transformation and promote a healthy lifestyle even more.
(Though I’m sure it will be an evolving process, and my feelings are open to change.)

As I’ve written recently, I’ve been eating mostly vegan, and have even experimented with a raw diet in the past. But I have not sworn off of meat completely, since I do believe that we have evolved to truly be omnivores. That said, I […]

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