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Blogger to WordPress conversion complete

Friday, February 12th, 2010

As noted in my last post, the conversion from Blogger was a long time coming. Especially since I am a developer and love that WordPress is written in PHP. For me this switch just makes a lot of sense, I have access to so many new features and finally have the flexibility that I didn’t have with Blogger.

I’ve heard a lot of grumbling about importing old blogs, and initially was planning to just start a new blog and leave the old one. Until I found this handy tool. Blogger2Wordpress conversion tool. What it does it take the XML export from Blogger, and convert it to WordPress format, so then the import works perfect on WordPress. It’s an extra step, but for those who were using FTP publishing with Blogger, the import directly to WordPress isn’t supported.

So that tool took care of that. All that was left to do was figure […]

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Goodbye Blogger, it’s been nice knowing you.

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Well, I’m not technically abandoning Blogger right now, but they are making a move which will essentially make it impossible for me to use their service anymore in the future. I can’t say I’m disappointed since I’ve been wanting to move to WordPress for some time. The only hold up with doing that has been the fact that I would need to totally recreate my template, and quite honestly I just don’t feel like doing it.

But anyway, today I get an email from Blogger saying that as of March 26 they will no longer support FTP publishing, claiming that the resources to maintain that are too high. Their claim is that “only .5% of active blogs are published via FTP.” I find that statistic rather surprising. That would mean that only 1 out of 200 bloggers using the Blogger service actually post files to their own host?

They say that […]

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