I have a flea plea – No more fleas please

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Pets, pests, and pesticides, or my flea plea.

In our house, there is one cat and two dogs. We are in San Diego where the weather is usually great year round. Unfortunately this means that all of our favorite pests also can live year round, and they are especially persistent in the summer. So I send this plea out to my reader(s), if you have pets have you been able to control fleas in your houses without using all the usual nasty chemicals?

As much as I hate to do it, I do use Advantage or Frontline on my cat, and my girlfriend uses it on her dogs. But to be honest, I’ve never seen much change in the fleas on the animals after administering it. The last two times we gave Advantage to one of our dogs, within a few days time I spotted large fleas on him. And same thing on my cat. Though I do notice that when I find the fleas on my cat after giving the Advantage, they seem sluggish and are easy to catch, no doubt due to the effects of the chemicals. But the thing is, if I’m putting this poison onto my pet’s skin, it should work perfectly. And at $10 a dose, I’m not going to poison my cat and keep having fleas. I know how terrible this stuff is and I cringe when I give it, and I always do so reluctantly hoping all the flea problems will go away, but they never seem to. And yes, I’ve read all about how pests are becoming resistant to these pesticides, ironically because we use them too frequently. In our overzealous attempts to kill them we are actually giving them so much exposure that they are becoming immune to the chemicals.

I’ve also tried diatomaceous earth, both on the pets and on the beds and the carpet, but again, I haven’t seen a big change, and if there is one, it’s never more than a few days relief before the fleas show up again.

Now I’m reading about these non-toxic flea traps, has anyone used those? Do they work?

For the past two year I’ve been looking for safe non-toxic solutions, and try to avoid the nasty chemicals, and the truth is I haven’t had anything work for me. Next option is to “flea bomb” the house, which I hate hate HATE to do, but my girlfriend and I can’t take the flea issue. I find them on my feet when I do yoga in the living room. I find them on the bed sheets after my cat has her nap. And I find them on the dogs the day after their Advantage dose.

Update 9/9/09: I have used this Victor Ultimate Flea Trap for the past month or two, and it does actually work. I wouldn’t count on it to handle a full infestation, but it does definitely catch fleas.

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