San Diego drought tolerant landscaping

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San Diego drought tolerant landscaping

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I figured I’d share interesting article about drought tolerant landscaping, known as Xeriscaping, that I found via my Ode Magazine Newsletter. It’s especially relevant since I live in San Diego at a house with a lawn that uses irrigation. It’s not very detailed about specific plants that can be used for making changes, but it is definitely food for thought.

View article here: Yanking out lawns saves water and money

Interesting side note: I started thinking about writing this post the other day while at work. Ironically, as I was pondering drought tolerant landscapes and the water shortages and new water rationing rules here in San Diego, I looked out the window into Petco Park to see them watering the dirt in preparation for the night’s baseball game. My office is located in such a position that we can see down into the ball field, and I think based on what we see it’s safe to say that they are one of the biggest water wasters around. Even next to the ball park is a public park, my guess under the same management, and it is watered so frequently that you sometimes can’t even walk in the grass because it’s so squishy from over watering. Nice job city of San Diego.

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  1. Paige Price says:

    Landscaping is very important in both the business offices and at home. it makes your yard impressive.

  2. Angelina Ramirez says:

    water conservation should be done because we are already having some water shortage these days’`:

  3. there is always a need for water conservation specially these days where natural reources are scarce;'”

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