Five day juice fast

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After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead a few weeks ago, and having since done a few intermittent days here and there of juicing, I attempted to start a 5 day juice f(e)ast this week. After lots of food experiments in the past, I’ve decided not to be overly rigid about sticking to it precisely, so I may snack here and there as necessary, but I think there will be a benefit regardless of how it turns out.

I’ve done extended raw food cleanses in the past, and have experimented with months of no dairy and no meat, and even months here and there of mostly vegan eating. But I’ve learned that food plays too critical of a place in my life to be rigid about how I eat. I know about the slippery slope of allowing cheats here and there when you’re trying to stay on a path, but I have found through all of my food experimentation that for me what works best is the middle path.

So yesterday I started with a glass of water, psyllium husk and bentonite clay just to get a good jump start on the detoxing, and followed it with a banana/orange/kale/cherry smoothie an hour later. I know juicing is about getting the fiber out of the juice, but I start every day with a smoothie like this so it’s part of a familiar routine, and I don’t see that having green smoothie and a little fiber as part of my juice fast is a bad thing, in fact I hope that it will expedite the cleansing. 😉

To prep for the day at work I made two large juices; one with 6 carrots, 1 apple, ginger, and a handful of cranberries, and the other cucumber, celery, spinach, granny smith apple and some lemon. When I got home I decided to eat a small salad of just lettuce, tomato and some fresh herbs just to feel like I “ate” and then had an orange juice and banana smoothie before bed.

I guess I’ve been drinking too much coffee lately since at about 3PM I got hit with a terrible headache, so I made a small cup of coffee just to see if it would take the edge off, which it did immediately. If I was home I probably would have just pushed through it, but sitting at the computer at work with a throbbing head wasn’t appealing. I still hope to wean off coffee for the rest of the week, and I suspect today and tomorrow will be easier for me.

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