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The one thing I want have always wanted in my life is simplicity. I have learned over the years that clutter only confuses things, not to mention keeps my mind spinning about all the things I want or have to do. I know that when I sit at my desk, if I have junk all over it, my mind somehow picks up that clutter. I don’t seem to have the skill that some people have that allows them to relax their mind when they have a to-do list a mile long. So I have learned that a simple and uncluttered life leads to a simple and uncluttered mind. As much as I try to keep this under control, somehow things seem to “re-clutter”. Perhaps it is because I don’t have the discipline to filter the incoming items that work their way into my apartment.

I was over at Zen Habits this morning, and thought I would share with you some interesting advice regarding simplifying and de-cluttering. I am going to attempt to put some of this into practice tonight, so wish me luck!

Oh yea, as a little side note, the more I de-clutter the less my crazy cat has to play around with and make noise with when I am trying to sleep in the morning.

Here is the first link, outlining four simple rules of simplicity and how to apply them to your life, and if you are more ambitious, here is another link with 21 easy hacks to simplify your life.

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