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It’s been an incredibly busy past month and a half.

Six states, three trips, two weddings. One website to add to my portfolio. Two new consulting gigs. And still working my full time job.

I’m ready for some down time. Unfortunately, I don’t know that I’ll have too much of it. The traveling has been fun but tiring, and the extra working has been sort of fun, sort of stressful, and sort of exciting. I’m working on saving a FYF (F*** You Fund), building a portfolio, and creating work that will enable me to transition away from my full time job and get me closer to living my dream of working when, where, and how I want to work.

It started with my trip to Cleveland, where I rented a car and drove two hours to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s wedding. It was a quick three day trip, I drove too many miles, but capped it off with a visit to two (surprisingly) great beer bars in Cleveland.

That same weekend I had to turn down a quick turnaround consulting gig, kind of a bummer. But things work out and no one ever did it and I was given the opportunity to complete it the following week. Twenty hours of work over the next ten days, in addition to working full time, and a nice paycheck followed.

During that same ten days, I disappeared with my girlfriend for a fabulous weekend in Vegas, which is always a good time. Too much eating, too many beers by the pool, and not enough winning, but still a great weekend, capped off with a trip to the Hoover Dam in 115 degree heat. Good times.

And finally, just this past weekend another trip, this time to Connecticut for another wedding, more family fun, and a wonderful two nights in Manhattan. And as the Universe seems to be aligning for me, we boarded our plane and were in the air just one hour prior to the San Diego blackout. Which was amazing luck, since in all likelihood we would have missed the wedding and had a totally messed up trip had we missed our flight.

To top it off I got my second consulting gig last week as well, and just the other day the first gig has yielded a second project.

I would love to keep travelling like this, but will be staying put for at least a few months (a big holiday trip in the works, stay tuned!) to hunker down and catch up on all this work.

Next week I will be turning 33, and hopefully this 33rd year sees me continuing to stay busy, building my work portfolio, and finally realizing my dream of being self employed!

I may not be writing a lot of these next few months, but be sure to keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook.

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