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A familiar street

Monday, August 31st, 2009

He approached the beach and gave his legs a break from peddling, allowing a moment to enjoy the cool and gentle breeze which flowed through his sun drenched hair. The smell of saltwater was in the air as the worn tires of his old bike rolled over the cracked concrete, producing a slightly noticeable whir. Occasionally he glanced up at the swaying palm trees that stretched towards the sky, which still didn’t seem real. The streets were familiar, and the scene no different, but the experience was always new. With a grand imagination it could easily be anyone’s first time.

Later as he sat in the sand time stood still, and with the backdrop of ever present waves, memories were made. The far away clouds hung over the mysterious blue water, grey and dreary, but the sun still shone overhead. When he was there, it was all just a moment. […]

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A rare dabble in poetry – Today I Will

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

I don’t know why, but a few weeks ago I just sort of jotted this down while I was at work, and I’ve just recently dug it up and figured I should share it.

i will be firm,
i will stand for what i believe in,
i will not be fearful,
i will not back down,
i will speak my mind when someone doubts or questions me,
i will be responsible to myself,
i will live for myself