Two days in Granada, Spain

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View from hotel looking up to la Alhambra

View from hotel looking up to la Alhambra

Granada is a beautiful city, and there is plenty to see and do there. Of course visiting la Alhambra is necessary, but there is quite a bit of other sightseeing to do as well. I was able to see pretty much la Alhambra in its entirety in one day, but it involved a lot of walking. If you are willing to walk it is even accessible by foot from the city. From the main plaza in town you can just walk up the hill for probably 20 minutes or so and you are there. I did learn that it is easiest to buy tickets for entry online, otherwise you have to wait in line and you risk the possibility of not even getting in, since they limit the number of tickets per day. I arrived mid morning, waiting in line for probably 45 minutes, but still had plenty of time.”

View from hotel looking up to la Alhambra

View from hotel looking up to la Alhambra

Once you are done with la Alhambra, you can get to eating, drinking, and people watching. There are great kebab and showarma shops, and most bars serve free tapas with each drink that you order. If you’re into people watching, it appears that Granada is quite a bohemian city, at least by my western standards. I saw a lot of hippie-ish looking people, which was quite interesting against the Moorish and Moroccan backdrop which seemed prevalent in the city. All in all, it was quite a fun time, and I would certainly like to go back at some point.

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