Graffiti – Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

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During my recent trip to Spain, I had seen some pretty cool graffiti. In keeping with that theme, here is some right around the corner from where I live in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Both of these are located on Bacon St, I believe on the Seedless Clothing office. On the second one, you can see the artist’s name next to the woman if you look closely. Also, notice the electrical box next to the car, hehehe… I’m not sure who the artist is, but the whole thing is pretty cool.

Update 5/8/2009: The artist’s name is Caleb Aero. Check out his Myspace and Facebook.

Update 6/18/2009: I’ve been getting a lot of traffic on this post lately. I think people might be Googling for info about the graffiti in OB of the vandalism type? Not sure. I don’t actually live in Ocean Beach anymore so I can’t say for sure, but I’ve been following the graffiti debate over at the OB Rag (more articles here and here). Regardless, I have to say this graffiti I am showing below is a bit more tasteful and I think actually is good for neighborhoods, I think it adds positive character to communities. Of course, vandalism is no good… If what I saw in Spain was any indication, graffiti done properly can be definitely positive. In fact, in the OB Rag article I referenced above, one of the suggestions for the graffiti problem was to get real artists in to create murals and the like.

Btw, please don’t steal my photos. If you want to use these photos, read this.

Sexy Woman Graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego
sexy woman Graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego

Sexy Woman Graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego

Seedless graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego
Seedless graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego

Seedless graffiti, Ocean Beach, San Diego

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  1. big doja says:

    the artists name is AERO. check out his myspace or blubber art.

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