The birds ate my jalapenos … I think

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I’ve had strawberries growing in my garden for a few months, but unfortunately have only been able to eat a few because they seem to disappear from the plant the day they reach optimal ripeness. I’ve just chalked it up to the birds or the ants, though I did catch my cat lurking in the garden too. The Landscape Design of my garden is such that it allows easy access to pretty much every rodent. And I’d be surprised if a colony of ants could make a strawberry disappear, but who knows?

But the other morning I had quite a surprise. Every single jalapeno on my jalapeno plant had disappeared. There were probably 10 or more that were an inch or two long last time I looked. This was definitely not the work of ants, nor was it due to the cat or dogs. Is it possible that the birds at all of them?

I did do a google search and saw that birds can eat hot peppers no problem as the heat of it does not affect them. But wow, has this happened to anyone else before?

Additionally, now a small cucumber has gone missing, as have the buds on my pea plants. I can only guess that this is the birds. Is there a way to keep them out of the garden without having to cover it with chicken wire or something like that? Do scarecrows really work?

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